Monday, March 21, 2011

know me well?

hey babes! I am actually back~
sorry for leaving my blog with dust...(mop mop..)
now it's time to make it blink and shine again
or even shinier and blinker than it used to be!

i found myself a little bit out-dated lately
got to follow up! (clap clap)

to kick start my sudden will to blog,
i would like to share something about me !! (excited?)

i was recently reading a book named TWENTIES GIRL,
that is an interesting novel for me =]
the author just know wat the reader like and write an amazing series of novel,
yea..i sink my teeth into it!!
on impulse, i decided to go back to my DEAR DIARIES here!
i really admire someone that is able to spread out their thought and feelings with fluent english~
Coz sometime when we are sharing our feeling, I may have to think twice about a proper word to describe it, and after the thought it may not anymore ur real feeling,
as u hv to use the word u know to describe it indirectly, it may change the thing u actually want to say...
this problem wont happen if I use Mandarin (be proud as a Malaysian and Chinese, guys!)

back to the topic ! it will be a long i am telling what i like or dislike~


alright i admit that i dare not to make up so frequent,
i dont like to live in secret, i know make-up do make someone look better
but the point is we have to make up everyday and we may not dare to show up in no-make-up face...
come on gals!
surely u can make up but be brave to show the real you!
dun let the bloody cosmetic to lead u !!
YOu are who you are!
so grow up then~

moreover, the more chemical stuff applied on your face, the more skin problem u will get. Seriously, you may love to kohl your eye and it really does look bigger BUT soon or later it will turn out pigmentation, dull skin and you name it!

love yourself, love the real you, sweetie~


do not laugh, i mean it...
i dislike facing tv or computer too long,
watching the screen make my eyes swallow and tired...
radiance does ruin your eyes!
SO, take a rest per 30 minutes in front of the pc~

in fact, I do love my eyes that u may cannot imagine how..
i could not let myself thinking if i hv to wear spec every single day,
i could not imagine my vision was totally blur without spec,

to save your eyes, you know, before it is too late,
take CARROT and WOLF-BERRY as your best friend!!
i know, best friend doesn't eat each other but they do love each other!
love them and they will be happy to be eaten, tat is it for~ (smile brightly)


there are some people become famous because of their look, make-up, dressing way...
but i dun admire those as tat is so shallow~
dun you guys think so?
they just like them for surface causes..
they become famous but hv done nothing, hv contribute nothing~

I do have many idols in fact (i fall for person so fast,yea~ i know!)
i like them for their talent,their work and so on..
too many to mention one by one (=p)

but for those who don't like my idol,
if you dont like tat is your business, dun u dare scratching their reputation or do something bad towards them!!!
stop insulting someone u dun like !
tat is okay to talking to empty air at your home,as you please~
but keep your fucking mouth to yourself!!
please make sure you know them well before you say against them!!!!
u SUCK!! damn you super nob!

people hv the right to love but you dun hv the right to comment!!
if you think you are telling the truth , think twice!! u childish bitch!

tat is not i am blogging for~
forget about it (say CHEESE~~)


enough said. yipee!


tat is a torture for me now that i hv to stay at home everyday before uni stuff~
BECAUSE i love to doll up myself and dress on my style..
wat is my style? actually is the way i love to dress~
i love to wear something casual yet chic, sweet yet sexy, elegant but comfy~
i know wat u r thinking, but let me tell u:tat is exactly not a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!

i hv my own dressing style but someone keep mocking my choice as MATURE ><>

wow! singing is the best way to express yourself!!
however, dun you try to ask me to sing when i am not in mood (save your saliva)

yes i love hits songs (high five!)
humming FIREWORK by Katy Perry...
know y i love FIREWORK?
because i love Katy Perry's firework-ed boobs! (just kidding)
i wondered wat whould i do with it if i hv those useful boobs?
i may hv earned so much money as everyone will hire me to do FIREWORK PERFORMANCE(Laugh Out LOud)
i think there should be an essay titled is IF I WERE KATY PERRY, or IF I HAD KATY PERRY'S BOOBS...

that will be so much fun!!!
dun u think so?
if there is an essay contest like this, i will no doubt participate!
wat will i do?
i will shoot BIG gummy bears with SMALL n TINY gummy bears...
I will shoot Mr. Skinny Spaghetti with thick tomato sauces...
It sound delicious, doesn't it?
or maybe i will spark splendid firework to those bad guy trying to trick me to their bad (i was thinking to shoot bullet but that is

and last but not least,
i will shoot Saleisha Archie with facial cream!!! or maybe 99% bacteria free hand-sanitizer?


i love animals (maybe should call pet) so much!
i had hv hamsters as my pet in the past,
it ended unhappily~ skip the sad thing (jump!)

my parents do not like pet except fishes and turtle (i think is becoz they dun make sound)
so i gave myself a promise to hv petS when i grow up!
erm~ how about a smart puppy? (u know there are some bleed tat is really smart?)
and also a cute and furry puppy!!
for sure i will hv hamsters too !!

i think i hv to built up a pet house for them~
just like Paris Hilton do !
wondering...wat color should it be?
u know, colors do mean something...
relax, not you, i am talking to myself =]

way too much to talk~
this post hvnt ended stay tuned for another, next time ;)

do know me more in my FACEBOOK or TWITTER yea? (look at the side bar~)
i will be glad to know friend~ my pleasure *

let your eyes to relax now!
close your pretty eyes...
be ready...

here is something i got for y'all (drum-rolling...)

Nicole loves

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Langkawi Trip

have been long time leave my blog behind ~
i am kinda busy sometime... XD

as i promised (i found out i always broke my promise with innocent time)
i m going to show u guys some photos of my Langkawi trip!!!!

crazy pool game... guess wat ? we played ICE AND WATER !!

we all bought the same fedora ^_^ we r way too funny !!

get ready for water-war !!

our expensive lunch after bath ...

the water was too hot and we decided to stay back from melting down~ XD

ya~ they weren't ready... =p

had dinner at pasar malam before GURNEY PLAZA ~~ local Penang food were great...

see me ?

gals in the room!!!
to be honest, i like the Penang suite more than Langkawi hotel ~

these are a little bit blur >< not tat little thou ...

ready to go? i was going to other guys' room =]

tat is for today ^^
more photo next time <3

this is THE BUNNY i bought at Gurney Plaza !!love it so much!!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

not over u ~

this is the 3rd days i backed from Langkawi trip ^_^
the heart still feel empty and lonely ...
they cried badly on the last day before going home,i didnt
but when i got home,i cried like crazy ~ ><

i got no much feelings on my gangs of friends
but there is a super duper strong on other classmates
all of them treat me so goddamn well!
unfortunately, tat 4 days of trip i didnt get the chances to stick with them
feel so sorry... regret and guilty~~

i love all of them...
waiting the camera gal to come back from Taiwan
photos are coming soon~~ ^_^

seem like thr is nothing for u guys to see
this will be a short update ...
it's time to share a song XD
i am addicted to that =)

enjoy tat <3

Friday, December 3, 2010


recently gonna head to hospital
my dear mummy is sick TT

hv to accompany her coz she cant speak Malay or English
poor mummy...
hope she get well SOON!!
GOd bless Mummy <3

i dislike Hospital
it is a noble place with doctors and nurses in
but i hate to step in thr

thr r all unhappy or sick ppl
they look normal outside but u dunno what actually happened inside
maybe he is so sad...maybe she is so disappointed ...
who knows?
u will find out how warm a smile is
walking in hospital
the only thing i think when facing a stranger is to give them a smile..
no matter what happened, smile always works~

i dun like the sad feeling in there
everyone is so calm and quiet~
patient is lying on the bed motionless
the parents of the patient sitting thr motionless

the situation is too cold
hospital is so cold...

i just can hope i wont go in hospital =]

just to inform~~
i am going to Langkawi soon !!!
two more days to go ...
this will be an awesome trip with my classmates ~

i am so excited but kinda worry a little bit XP
will only back on Thursday ^^

may the star bless my mom be healthy always...
and cross ur finger to bless my trip =]

see u !

Thursday, November 25, 2010

music lights up my life

dear readers,
i am gonna share my 'Songs of the month' XD
i found it cheerful and interesting to share something i like ^_^

November is a lovely month~
my birthday month...
a holiday month =]
stressless month (except for SPM fighters~)
how do u feel huh ?

here u r :

Boom boom boom...even brighter than the moon moon moon ~~
Katy Perry-- Firework

i like her latest performance on this song :)
and the way her MV bring out the meaning of life ..

Misery-- Maroon 5

i like this song as if it will never be out-dated =p
feel wanna dance with the melody ~~
but the MV ... tha gal is too funny~ lOl

but i don't mind ~~~~~
Ne Yo-- Beautiful Monster

this song always swim over my brain~
i know it is not hits anymore
but still lovin' it :)

Baby tonite~~~~
DJ got us falling in love-- Usher

oh~ how could i forget this song ?
the way Usher perform his music is 'speechless'~ XD

the world...the world is spinning ~~~
Jay Sean-- 2012 (It ain't the end)

don't tell me u dunno the singer of this song
as it told everytime u heard the beginning XD

u know i know how ~~
Flo Rida-- Clun can't handle me

Let's dance gals!!!
move it ...

Lady Gaga-- Speechless

i had other views toward Lady Gaga since listening to this song
different huh ?
i strongly promote this to my friends ^_^

one month more to Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love Christmas so much =]
where is my Santa Claus ? XD
r u guys ready for it ?

Light me up with me on top lets falalalalalalala x2
Lady Gaga-- Christmas Tree

she is so cute in this song!!!
awww~ so sweet....

David Archuleta & Orla Fallon-- Silent Night
well~beautiful and angelic voices...
this will be a warm Christmas ^u^
i love the romantic feel of this song ~
seem like going back to childhood...sweet =]

did u enjoy this?

<3 music

Sunday, November 21, 2010

prom night update soon ~

good night everyone ^_^

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Me

today is the 1st day of my holiday ^_^
i am graduated !! not officially ><

i dyed my hair yesterday ~~
is Dark Chocolate =]
i like the color...
it is not obvious without light (or maybe spotlight)
but under sunlight,the color is beautiful too !
it seem like my hair got 2 color XP

my dad even named me as 'Chocolate Head'~
it sounds so delicious XD

since yesterday,
i like the smell of my hair so much !!
i think it is the smell of the colorings ~
it smell so GOOD ~~~
feel so gentle,soft,smooth ....arrg~ it is so tempting ...
i finally know y is fragrance so important ^_^

the smell also reminds me the stylist who dyed my hair~
he have given me some special impression =p
erm~ i will remember him ~~
i will sure go back tat saloon again when my 'putting' come out...
i hope the smell wont gone off ...(sweet smile)

yesterday was totally MY DAY ~
i got a late-present yesterday =)
is a Hello Kitty bag !!!
she is my favorite cartoon ^^
by the way,
the bag is pinky white in color ~
it looked gorgeous but not too childish =]
i don't really like that kind of bright pink + too cute stuff ...
I know, i like Hello Kitty (she is cute XP)
but she is exactly suitable cartoon for adult and teenagers and children~
she is not only for children !!

my camera in phone is not professional..
so my hair color is not obvious in photo~
I didn't post my updated photo anywhere...
maybe i should try to take pic under sunlight =)

i will try my best,
photo is coming soon ~~

Chocolate Nic